Born in the Midwest to Mexican-Honduran parents, judith was raised in a strict, insular church community where even pierced ears were considered sinful. While her cute-rebel persona is a far cry from the conservative, sheltered upbringing she experienced, judith adeptly channels past trauma and a lifetime of self-discovery into fun, bouncy alt-pop anthems.

 Now based in Los Angeles and signed to Good Boy Records, judith has a natural gift for reframing familiar themes with dark clever wordplay, telling relatable stories in a language that is uniquely her own. She regularly collaborates with producer Elie Rizk (Bella Poarch, Sub Urban), creating a quirky sound that compliments her playful -and vaguely sarcastic- vocals. After spending her early career pressured to “fit in” as a woman of color in a white-dominated industry, judith’s upcoming project-almost entirely sung in Spanish, is an ode to rejecting the norm, reclaiming identity, and the power that comes from using your voice. adulthood, recorded as she and Elie were in the process of leaving school while also being in the midst of a pandemic that displayed every major flaw of our society. The duo started the recording process in Baltimore and finished in Los Angeles, after they relocated to the West Coast in late 2020.

Happy and sad, bitter and sweet, vulnerable and guarded, mazie is full of contradictions and that’s just the way she likes it.